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New York Times

Choosing Israel, Not the Hamptons
AS an  associate  professor of clinical  surgery  and chief
of high risk programs at New York-Presbyterian Hospital,
Dr. Freya Schnabel is an unlikely international real estate
pioneer.  But  as  one  of  the  first buyers in Eden Hills - a
planned community 15 minutes southwest of Jerusalem -
Dr. Schnabel, who is 49, is emblematic of a new breed of
visitor to Israel: the foreign vacation-home buyer.
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Easy House for the peace of mind

Complete documentation of all service requests, including the inquiry number, status of the response and response time.  If you would like to know how many times elevator service was called in a year or who was the tenant that calls the most – we have all the information. Do you want to know what expenses were paid from your Association payments?  No problem. Easy House has an organized computerized system where each payment is entered.

Treatment of Delinquent Accounts
Treatment of Delinquent Accounts

Do you have a tenant that refuses to pay when everyone else is paying?  We are here to help. You will receive legal services as part of your management agreement.  It starts with advisory services and includes treatment of the delinquent account.  It starts with a warning letter from a lawyer and includes representation of the building in a lawsuit against the offender.

Handling of serious malfunctions
Handling of serious malfunctions

Every tenant can tell a story of an unusual occurrence that happened in their building.
It could be a pipe that burst in middle of the night, sewage overflow or a warning from the municipality.
With experience of over 17 years, we at Easy House have the answers.
We can guide you through the process of repairs along with licensed professionals with minimum involvement