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Questions and answers

Easy House  advocates absolute transparency. Each quarter, the property owner receives a follow-up report including all repairs that were made as well as the breakdown of the repairs covered by Easy House and the repairs to be covered by the property owner via mail and/or email. The report includes all calls made by tenants to Easy House  and a status update of the payment of all monthly bills. Each property owner can choose whether he/she wishes to be contacted by our team for approval of all repairs and repair fees that are not covered by Easy House  . Repairs will never be made without the property owner's approval. In addition, the company runs a call center to provide customer service to property owners and tenants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Easy House  is a property management company and not a maintenance company, therefore, it earns from the property management fees and dose not earn from costs of repairs. The Platinum Package includes coverage of up to 250 shekels worth of repairs to the property, therefore giving no reason for Easy House to fabricate faults. In addition, the Gold package grants property owners access to the pool of professionals for prices as low as 25% off general market prices, therefore leaving no reason to create fictitious repairs.

When a property is vacant, Easy House  does not receive any management fees. This creates a common interest between the company and the owner to find tenants as fast as possible, but of course without compromising the meticulous process of finding a tenant.

"Cosmetic renovation" of a property is required when a property owner wants to increase the value of his/her property by granting it with a new and improved look for a particularly low price. For this project, Easy House's  staff of professionals is dedicated to providing fast renovation that includes: paint jobs, replacement of broken faucets, lamps and tiles, renewal of the kitchen cabinets, and more. From years of experience in "cosmetic renovations" totaling several thousands of shekels, it can raise the value of the property rent by up to $100 per month. Additional details are available in the special services – cosmetic renovation

Taking care of an asset is not simple as it sometimes appears to the wide public, as stated by thousands of property owners in Israel.  Are the tenants truly dependable? Is the contract comprehensive enough? Does it defend me in the best way possible? What will I do if tenants do not agree to evacuate? Why is the electrician suddenly requesting 500 shekels? A professional management company provides the answers to all of these questions while giving the owner total peace of mind. Easy House's property management process is well organized, orderly, and tracked so property owners have access to reports from day one. Easy House  works hard to be sure not to miss any detail. To view a list of accompanying benefits to a professional property’s management, click here

When pricing its services, Easy House takes the property owner’s yield into account. Easy House's goal is to allow all property owners to make use of a professional management company’s services without fear of affecting the rental fee. This way the property owner attains peace of mind without having to deal with constantly tending to the asset and without increasing marginal costs. The fee structure is affected by the amount of time and money invested in advertising, the apartment’s expenses, interviewing and checking potential tenants, legal services when signing the contract, access to experienced professionals for implementation of repairs, production of quarterly follow-ups reports and much more. The fees of the different service packages are set according to the extent of the coverage given to the customer and the company's participation in the various fees.

Easy House is committed to continuously improving its services to provide customers with a service experience that exceeds their expectations and provides customers with peace of mind. If a customer would like to break the contact in the middle, he/she may do so by informing Easy House at least 30 days in advance.

Easy House understands the importance of the yield from your asset. The company's vision is to make the apartment rental management in Israel into a professional and comprehensive service. We charge the lowest possible fees so that all asset owners will be able to benefit from both peace of mind and reliable management. To make this vision a reality, Easy House partnered with professionals and set the minimal fee structure for all types of repairs. Since the number of new customers that seek the company's services increases every year, Easy House is able keep the fee structure at a minimum.

Easy House is dedicated to finding the right tenant for each individual property owner based on the exact criteria that is set (e.g. policies regarding animals, smoking, etc). A financial background check and a personal interview are conducted to ensure that the candidate is reliable and can commit to the rental. Provided that the candidate is applicable, Easy House continues with the process and collects a deposit from the candidate to cover any unpaid bills or rental payments. Finally, the candidate’s guarantors are checked and in some cases the candidate’s previous landlords are contacted for verification.

Easy House's Overseas 1 Package was adapted in particular for customers that live abroad and do not find either of the other packages suitable to their needs. Renting the asset while living abroad is definitely worthwhile and creates two parallels channels of income; one from payment of the monthly bills that are otherwise covered by the property owner and the other from rent. In addition, Easy House takes different actions in order to protect the properties of customers abroad. Additional details are available in the Overseas demo

Your apartment is an asset that is used to maximize yield and minimize risk. Relatives often find tending to an apartment to be burdensome, real estate agents are busy in search of new apartments for rent or for sale, and lawyers are handling other professional issues. In addition, choosing the right tenants, ascertaining the payment of the bills, responding to maintenance requests and communicating with professionals are not their main concern. Only an experienced, professional, property management company can truly care for your asset and is suitable for this challenging task.